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Meet Our Donors

Unlock New Worlds for Our Students

Quyen Chu

The world opened up to Quyen Chu when he was accepted to Dartmouth College and later to medical school. Now, he's made plans to help future students through a bequest intention to the Geisel School of Medicine and Dartmouth College. Read More

A Calling, Not a Job

Diane Fountas

Not becoming a doctor was never an option for Diane Fountas, MD. Crediting her time at Dartmouth for helping shape her future, Fountas’ gift will make a lasting impact on future students. Read More

Les and Estelle Reid: A Problem Solver Gives Back

Les and Estelle Reid

Dr. Les Reid is an engineer, a businessman, and a physician. "My mother firmly believed that the reason I did all of this was I never could make up my mind about what I wanted to do. I think she was partially right," Les says. Read More

Sol Rockenmacher: The Right Attitude, the Right Path

Sol Rockenmacher

Dr. Sol Rockenmacher caught an early glimpse of his future at a California hospital in the mid-1950s. A senior in high school, he had gone to see his 18-month-old niece following her surgery to address a heart defect. Read More

Tom Kuhns and Alan Friedman: Lasting Lessons

Tom Kuhns and Alan Friedman

It has been more than 60 years since Dean Rolf C. Syvertsen, MD, looked over Tom Kuhns's shoulder during freshman gross anatomy lab exams, but Tom hasn't forgotten the weight of those moments or the feeling of sweat rolling down his own face. Read More

Laurie Draughon M'85: An Unusual Path Fosters Gratitude

Laurie Draughon

When Dartmouth Medical School opened its doors to Laurie Draughon in 1981, women were in the minority—and a single mom enrolling as an MD student was unheard of. Read More

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